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"Traditional" RS Build Kit with Pick Box & Sixpence
  • "Traditional" RS Build Kit

    SKU : RS-01-100

    "400 Series & 406 Series" RS Builds Kits


    Each Series includes:

    (1) Mild Steel Rocker Assembly


            (1) Knife Edge (hardened A2)

            (1) Bolt Block

            (2) Spring Caps & Spring Holders

            (2) "Custom" Vanel-style Rocker Springs

            (2) Stainless-steel Spring Washers

            (2) Stainless Steel Spring Bolts

                  Choice of M6 x 70mm or M6 x 65mm


    (1) "Enhanced" Roller Bridge Assembly

          (6) Roller Bridge Blocks


                Roller choices...

                   Option #1:  (8) "Advanced" 2 pc. Rollers + Anvils


                   Option #2: "Traditional"

                          (3) Low-E 1 pc. Rollers [1.2mm "U" groove]

                          (5) High-E 1 pc. Rollers [0.8mm "U" groove]


                   Option #3: "Brian May Set"

                          (8) 1 pc. Rollers [0.8mm "U" groove]


    (1) Shim Pack

              (1) 1.5mm Tufnol Base Shim

              (1) 1.5mm, 1mm, and 0.5mm Brass Shims


    (2) Mounting Options:


              (1) "Traditional" 6BA Hank-Rivet


              (1)  1pc. Mounting Plate


    (2) "Traditional" RS Control Knobs and Strap Buttons

          We offer Knobs to fit both 6mm & 6.35mm Post

              includes: "Peel-n-Stick" Locator Label, and Allen Key

    (2) "Traditional" Strap Knobs (Nickel-Plated Brass)

              includes: "Red" Fiber-Washers & "Grolsch" Strap Locks


    (1) Accessories Box with strong "Rare Earth" Magnets

              also included: (1) Sixpence, while supply last


    (see "Product Info" for more details)


      "400 Series" RS Specs

      ***10,16mm [.400"] string-string spacing***

      ***50,80mm [2.00"] E-e string spacing***

      "406 Series" RS Specs

      ***10,31mm [.406"] string-string spacing***

      ***51,56mm [2.03"] E-e string spacing***


      The mission of "RS Custom Machine" is to be a customer-oriented company providing world-class quality, delivery and service of value-added design & machined products across the entertainment, industrial, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, medical and private sector markets.


      We back all our parts 100% or your money back.

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