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"Conversion" RS Build Kit
  • "Conversion" RS Build Kit

    SKU : RS-02-100

          ***Convert all BMG, Guild or Burns model RS Guitars.***


    Our most popular Conversion Kit!


    Featuring our uniquely designed "Conversion Block", instantly recognized by its Woody Thomas inspired, machine-scribed centerline. These Conversion Blocks are machined from A2 tool steel. Each Block is hardened to a 58-60 Rc. 


    NOTE: We use Wire EDM technology (WEDM) to burn the Knife Edge into the harden-steel.

    • Why do we go to this extra expense to machine the Knife Edge?

           By burning the Knife Edge after heat-treating, we can produce an extremely small radius (R.005) perfectly on the very edge of the Knife blade.

    • Why is this important?

            When the edge is machined either manually, conventionally, or even CNC'd, it can not replicate that fine radius consistently or sometimes not at all, the radius has to be stoned in by hand. The key word is consistent!!! The very fact that the radius'd edge is cut into the hardened steel at the same time as the blade, it makes the Rocker locate and move smoothly and consistently.


    All our Build Kits are available in both polished, or our most popular "Matte" finish (shown).


    We have several Conversion variations to choose from and if you are looking for a total conversion...look no further!


    Are you looking for the very best custom pickguards in the world? Are you looking for switches, tuner buttons, and the best inlays anywhere? We offer M.O.P. inlays of the Star, Badger, and StarBadger.


    Let us do all the legwork...

    Being partnered with Woody Thomas and RSConversions, we can offer your custom conversion directly thru Woody.


    Our "Traditional" Control Knobs are also available in polished or matte finish.


    *While supply last, we still have some of our solid Brass Knobs available. Once stock runs out, we will no longer offer brass parts.


    (see "Product Info" for more details)


      (1) 400 Series "Enhanced" RS Roller Bridge Assembly

      Our most popular, "Enhanced" Roller Bridge design, in combination with our unique 2pc. Roller & Anvil design eliminates the loss of Rollers in case of a string break.

      The Bridge Blocks' intonation grooves are precision machined so that the Anvil "presses" into the groove, locking the Axle in place so the Roller can spin freely. The Roller slips over the 1mm dia. x 9mm Anvil with only 0.05mm clearance per side ensuring the Roller spins stable and with as little friction as possible.

      This one-of-a-kind design provides the smoothest movement possible on the market.

      String Spacing:

      ~~~~10.16mm [.400"] string spacing~~~

      ~~~50.80mm [2.00"] E-e string spacing~~~

      Mounting Options

      Option #1: "Traditional" Hank-Rivet & Cheesehead Mtg. Screws

      Option #2: 1pc. Mtg. Plate & Cheesehead Mtg. Screws

      Installation Shims: (1) 1.5mm Tufnol Shim, (1) 1mm Brass Shim

      Extra Shims: (1) 0.5mm Brass Shim, (1) 0.2mm Brass Shim

      Roller Options

      Option #1: "Enhanced" 2pc.

      (8) 2pc. Rollers & Anvils [0.8mm "U" Groove]

      Option #2: "Traditional" 1pc.

      (3) 1pc. Low-E Rollers [1.2mm "U" Groove]

      (5) 1pc. High-E 1pc. Rollers [0.8mm "U" Groove]

      Option #2: "Brian May Set"

      (8) 1pc. Rollers [0.8mm "U" Groove]

      (1) 400 Series "Traditional" 6-String Tremolo

      Our Rockers are available in both a polished and a matte-finish.

      What makes our Tremolo Assemblies superior to others, are our Springs. We have our own 7-Coil, Flat-Ground Springs custom made We acquired the exact specs of the original Springs, and found our own manufacturer locally who is now making our Springs to the exact specifications of the Vanel Springs that were, until now, available only in France. These Springs have been proclaimed by all those who have held and played Sir Brian's RS, to feel just like the real deal. You just won't believe how good the Tremolo action feels when the proper springs are installed.

      Our Stainless-Steel Tremolo Arm comes bent to exact dimensions and silver-soldered into a solid Brass Swivel that has been precision reamed to fit the Arm Post perfectly.

      Our 2pc. Arm Post are 100% accurate to the original, and each one is 100% handmade.

      (2) "Traditional" RS Control Knobs

      Our Control Knobs are 2nd only to Brian's actual Knobs...I know because we machined Brian's replacement Knobs. All Knob dimensions are 100% accurate to the original.

      Each Set includes an Allen Key and our exclusive "Peel-n-Stick" Locator Label...the same indicator label Brian is currently using.

      (2) "Traditional" RS Strap Buttons

      Just like the original, our Strap Buttons are machined from solid Brass and then Nickel-Plated with mtg. screws.

      We now include "Red" Fiber-Washers for between the Strap Buttons and body to protect the finish, as well as genuine "Grolsch" Rubber Gasket Strap Locks, at no extra charge.

      (1) Accessories Box

      When one purchases any of our "Complete" Build Kits, we include a very convenient Accessories Box with a "Sixpence"...while supplies last.

      They go fast so if we are out of stock at the time of your order, there may be a slight delay while we wait to re-stock.


      The mission of "RS Custom Machine" is to be a customer-oriented company providing world-class quality, delivery and service of value-added design & machined products across the entertainment, industrial, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, medical and private sector markets.


      We back all our parts 100% or your money back.

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