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"TOTAL" RS Conversion Kit
  • "TOTAL" RS Conversion Kit

    SKU : RSC-01-001


    (1) Complete Conversion Pickguard Kit with Star inlay

    (1) Complete Body Fill Blocks for Conversions

    (1) Original Roller Bridge Assembly

    (1) Conversion Tremolo Assembly with Arm

    (1 set) Official RS Guitar Knobs

    (1 set) CTS 220k pots

    (1) .033 Oil Tone Capacitor


    ...Shipping is included

    • ***BEFORE YOU ORDER***

      Before ordering, contact Woody Thomas at RS Conversions. Supply is limited and the custom pickguards are hand-made only after the order has been placed.

      To calculate your approximate cost, select the country you are having your BMG Special "converted".

      RSConversions and all its "authorized" International luthiers back their work with a full 100% guarantee.

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