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"Conversion" Roller Bridge Assembly
  • "Conversion" Roller Bridge Assembly

    The most talked-about RS Roller Bridge Assembly in the RS Community!!!


    That’s right…this is the same Roller Bridge Assembly, along with our Strap Buttons and Control Knobs, that now comes standard on the BMG Supers. BMG listens to its customers and has made several upgrades to the Super…replacing the old Wilkinson Bridge with an authentic Roller Bridge was their main objective, beginning with the 2022 production year.


    Our “one-piece” Mounting Plate, known by our distinctive machine-scribed centerlines, makes it practically fool-proof when locating and mounting. This is a feature Woody Thomas, owner of RS Conversions suggested. This “one-piece” mounting plate eliminates having to drill individual pockets for hank rivets or threaded inserts. Simply route the pocket and the plate mounts using just two wood screws.


    Our "Advanced" Roller Bridge design combined with our unique 2pc. Roller & Anvil design eliminates the loss of a Roller in case of a string break. The Roller slips over a 1mm dia. x 9mm dowel (Anvil), with only 0.05mm clearance per side ensuring the Roller spins stable and with the least friction possible.


    Our “Advanced” Bridge Block features intonation grooves that are precision machined so that the 1mm Anvil "presses" into the groove, locking the Roller in place to spin freely. This one-of-a-kind design allows Rollers to actually spin around an axle, rather than slide, as the one-piece Rollers do inside a loose intonation groove. Our two-piece Roller design provides the smoothest movement possible.


    BUT...if you are a "Traditionalist", and want a one-piece Roller, we also have the option of the "Traditional" one-piece Rollers.


    All Roller Bridge Assemblies include:

    (6) Roller Bridge Blocks

         ~~~Roller Options~~~

         OPTION #1: (2-piece Rollers)

                (8) Rollers + Anvils [0.8mm "U" Groove]

         OPTION #2: (1-piece Rollers) *

                (3) Low-E Rollers [1.25mm "U" Groove"]

                 (5) High-E Rollers [0.8mm "U" Groove]

         OPTION #3: (1-piece Rollers) *

                 Brian May Roller Pack

                    (8) 0.8mm "U" Groove [0.8mm "U" Groove]

    (1) Shim Pack

          ~~~Includes one of each~~~

            1.5mm Tufnol Shim (slotted)
            1mm Brass Shim (slotted)

            0.5mm Brass Shim (slotted)

            0.2mm Brass Shim (slotted)
    (1) "One-piece" Aluminum Mounting Plate (with mtg. screws)

    (6) Cheesehead Mtg, Screws (stainless steel)

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